Book Review: Pandemonium by Bella Jewel

Pandemonium Book Cover Pandemonium
MC Sinners Next Generation #1
Bella Jewel
Contemporary Romance
January 26th, 2016
Forbidden love, bikers/MC


I am the good girl, the one who does no wrong. Daughter to a ferocious and strong MC President, I know what protection feels like.

Until one night changes everything - and not a single person in the world can protect me from it, not even my dad.

Suffocating. Alone. Desperate.

I let my problems live deep inside until there is no longer anywhere to run. I need an escape. Anything to make the pain go away.

Trouble comes for me, and I don't fight it. I tried so hard to believe in what I was, But nobody understood.

Not until him. Not until Lucas. He sees me. He believes in me. He refuses to let me drown. He’s my way out. My escape.

But Lucas is forbidden. He’s a cop. I’m in danger. And my father is trying to protect what can’t be protected.

There can only be one outcome.


**This book can be read as a standalone, but don't stress original MC Sinner fans, your favs are all there!**

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It isn’t typical big love story. It is more about survival and struggle with nightmares that brings you life. In that chaos are born feelings that help to survive the most difficult moments.

About the plot: Ava has peaceful and joyful life, under the protection of her father’s club, a loving family and a tight-knit group of friends. But when someone drugged and kidnapped her, she found herself in a situation in which there is no correct answers and behavior. Despite that she came out of this alive, is completely broken and nothing will ever be the same again. She is on the path of self-destruction, and no one can protect her from it.

Lucas finds her at her worst moment. He helps her, but is a bit more caring than require from him, his profession. He sees in her what he survived alone, what he continued to struggle. Tragedy, destruction and not coping with the situation. He has a lot of problems on his head, and although the circumstances are less than favorable, decides to help her in her fight.

What I like? It is not entirely based on the love story. It is here and is an important thing because thanks to this feeling things improving. But most of the book is based on coping in a difficult life situation through which you will find love. It makes me positively surprised. Of course there are hot and cute moments between the two lovers. But it does not occupy half a book of descriptions. There are other events that are very interesting and the more you read the more you want to know.

It is very well written. Part of the book is as Then through Lucas eyes and you find out what are his nightmares progressively. At the same time, we have Now through Ava eyes. I know that not many people like such a division, I don’t, but it is fantastically done here. Turn the excitement and enriches the story. There’s a moment when his Then is her Now, and it is incredibly well done. My favorite moment.

What I don’t like? Actually up to 70% I loved everything in this book. Then things a little too easy get solved. It has a few weak points or questionable moments. I don’t know if such a thing exists, but nevertheless it is more soft-mc romance at the end. Because I read a lot of them already, and I am unable to imagine that things so well arranged themselves with such a scheme of events.

Final thoughts: I expected something else from this book, and it surprised me in a positive way. It keeps you in suspense and emotional stage. I have not read The MC Sinners series, original part of this spin off, for now because I want to catch up, but I can imagine how for a fan of this series is a wonderful continuation. Because who wouldn’t want to read about the children of characters of the previous part all grown up and adult? I would give a lot to have that opportunity in many other books.

Author The Author

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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