Book Review: Burning Rivalry by Aubrey Parker

Burning Rivalry Book Cover Burning Rivalry
Trevor's Harem, #2
Aubrey Parker
Erotic Romance
February 16th 2016


Good girls finish last.

The contest is heating up in every way imaginable.

Bridget still only wants one thing: the money she needs to sort out her life, and the lives of those who depend upon her. And so far, nothing has broken the boundaries of what she’ll do for that money—though that edge keeps pushing further and further each day.

But now, battle lines are being drawn. Kylie versus Bridget, and everyone else falling over themselves to choose a side.

Kylie’s convinced Bridget wants to win, no matter what Bridget tells her to the contrary. And Kylie is determined that the top spot will go to her, and to her alone.

And all the while, Daniel Rice lurks at the edges of the contest—an unforgettable, unforgivable thorn in Bridget’s side, a ghost haunting her steps, a desperate need in her yearning core.

They say the competition can only have one winner. But the way things are going, Bridget isn’t sure there will even be that many.

Choose a side in Inferno Falls’ sexiest adventure yet.

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My review

My review on Goodreads + pic quote

I completely don’t know where this book is going and how to qualify it. If I’m curious? Yes, of course. And this ensures that I’ll read the series to the end until I get to know all the answers. I need answers and see what’s going on.

The game starts for real. Rivalry. Competition. Mind Game. We continue to speak in riddles. But it becomes increasingly clear that behind all this is thicker case. It’s kind of an experiment. With people, their sexuality, and how far they go surround by other people. Who will follow others, who will lead and who designate their own path.

Nothing is as it seems. But you know more, or at least try to guess. So if you want to enjoy this book you must like uncertainty and mystery. I’m not sure until the very end we will know something for sure. It is really smoke and mirrors. This book is also highly sexual, even though I did expect more. The scenes are hot, but those that cross boundaries are described only partially.

How has it to the main characters? Of course, they are right in the middle of it, but this is no ordinary love story. You will not find romantic moments. They have sex, but there isn’t much amorous moments. Daniel is possessive, but still mysterious. And Bridget continues her witty and stubborn demeanor. They are just discovering some things that cause their behavior. Hidden connection that started a long time in the past.

Of course, it ends up that you have to reach for another and see what happens. I definitely will do it. Because even though it’s sometimes hard to read with all the misconceptions and unclear, the same idea of the book is fantastic and I would love to know how it will end.


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