Book Review: Beguiling by Alex Lucian

Beguiling Book Cover Beguiling
Tempting #2
Alex Lucian
Erotic Romance
March 23rd 2016


Hate: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward.

Scarlet Jennings, the preacher’s daughter who lived across the street, was a royal, uptight pain in my ass. When she looked at me, she saw a college quarterback asshole with rocks for brains, but she didn’t have a single word for what was happening between us.

When we were forced to ride together every single day that summer, there was definitely some dislike going on. Extreme hostility was a given, considering that we were spending so much time together in close quarters.

One night of bed-breaking, body-shattering, lose-your-voice-from-screaming passion had surprised us both, but it was only just the beginning…

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The Tempting series books have very cool and scorching hot covers. And so are those stories. Light, funny and really hot.

“Maybe her Kama Sutra bucket list was the key to world peace. At least in the world of Scarlet and Leo.”

About the plot: Leo Madsen is the quarterback, soul of the party, always smiling and surrounded by women. But the reality is a little different, and it’s all simple appearance. He feels like the black sheep of the family, without any ambition, no one takes him seriously or that what he does in his life. Behind smile he hides insecurity and vulnerability. With women it is not as good as you might think, he’s lucky to crazy girls who want nothing more than score the football player.

Scarlet Jennings is the preacher’s daughter. She is ambitious and sits with head in books. She is this boring, good girl. Charged with expectations she never had time to have fun. She hides herself behind a feisty and arrogant girl.

Leo and Scarlet are neighbors and have known each other since childhood, their paths parted in high school when Leo became the popular kid, and she a quite the contrary. Over the years, their acquaintance cooled down firmly. She hates him for all that she isn’t herself. To one summer when Leo was forced to ride with her on holiday workouts to school. None of them was pleased with this situation. Their every attempt at conversation ended in a quarrel and insults.

Despite the multitude of differences that they thought they share, they began to get to know each closer and see their true faces. When one evening, their sweet and bitter friendship ended up in the bar and a large amount of alcohol, they landed together in a hot session in bed. That morning another day, it was the definition of a awkward morning after. Their relations have develop even more when he discovered her bucked list.

“Scarlet Jennings had an inner sex kitten that needed to be unleashed, and I’d be the best fucking pussy tamer she’d ever find.”

Final thoughts: Lot of analyzing, second thoughts, overreacting, misunderstandings, understatements, cold and hot relationship. This couple together likes to complicate their own lives. There are lot of funny scenes and feisty dialogues. There are plenty of hot scenes, each passing point of the bucked list was getting better and boiling hot. The story developed in an interesting way and not run out of without a small plot twist. So what was wrong?

In places the action slows down too much for me and I missed connection with the characters. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the plot and characters were quite complex, but none of these parts was stronger taken further. There are lot of started topics but they get lost with the development of the book. Or something like that. I just know that I was missing something.

Although a lot of my book friends said that the first part is better and although I have not had the chance to read it, along with the continuation in the third part I have desire to reach for it. It is well-written, light, funny and sexy. You can certainly spend great time reading these books. My doubts about this part doesn’t make that I give up knowing closer to the series and author.

Next in the series? Yes. The continuation of Adele and Nathan’s story form the first book Tempting. Provocative, coming summer 2016.

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About The Author

Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex’s first novel.

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