Book Review: The Neighbors by Saige

The Neighbors Book Cover The Neighbors
Kink Series #1
Erotic Romance
May 20, 2016

goodreadsOne woman. Two men. They are roommates… and they want to fuck her.

She’s just been dumped, so of course doing something spontaneous is first on the list.

What’s more spontaneous than a threesome with the neighbors that crave her?

That’s right. Nothing.

My review

My review on Goodreads

After Paulina has been dumped by her boyfriend, she accepts an invitation for cookout to their neighbors. Sexy and smoking hot neighbors. Their meeting ends with a threesome with two men. They have fun together, but for two of them it don’t end only on one time thing.

It’s short kinky smut, but I was also a little surprised. Because after a smoking hot and very dirty threesome scene, there really is an ordinary romance between two people. AndI did not expect that. Of course, let’s not get carried away. It is neither complicated nor very emotional story. It’s something what you reach for when you fancy a bit of naughty fun. All the scenes are dirty and pretty obscene, that you can be sure. The main character has a lewd tongue and do not hesitate to use it.

I never heard about the Saige, but with curiosity I got familiarized with the author who is planning to release a series of short kinky stories. That’s my soul, sometimes likes to get dirty.

Saige LogoAbout The Author

Saige writes really kinky erotica. Her stories ALWAYS have hot, dominant men included in plots that would probably never happen in real life. When she isn’t writing, she’s either reading or baking.

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