Book Review: Duncan by Jade Sinner

Duncan: The Deal Book Cover Duncan: The Deal
The Cocky Smiling O, #1
Jade Sinner
Erotic Romance, Novella
June 9th, 2016

goodreadsHe's dirty-talking and sex on a stick.

Duncan Willis should be on GQ, not the co-owner of the company where I work. He's my boss, and he's also arrogant and cocky, knowing how to melt panties with just a smirk. That's why I've avoided him.

I might fantasize about him, but I don't need that in my life.


Until I catch him—OK, hear him—in a compromising position.

Yes, it was hot, but that's not the point.

I need a date for one weekend. He needs me to keep quiet about what I witnessed.

It's the perfect blackmail...the perfect deal.


Until one weekend of fantasy leaves me wanting more.

Read this cheesy, predictable, short, hot, and steamy book and learn how fantasy can become reality! Duncan: The Deal, is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA. Don't miss your next bookgasm.

My review

My review on Goodreads + pic quote

Great smut for one night. It’s naughty and romantic short story, when you can laugh and turn yourself on in less then few minutes.

Kimbra Jones is single and works as HR in the pharmaceuticals company, where Duncan Willis is a co-owner. She exactly knows his killer and melting pants smile. And she would be even interested if it was not against the rules. But when she witnessed inappropriate behavior involving her boss in the company bathroom, she decided to use it to her advantage. Kimbra needs to go home for the cousin’s wedding, and she is less than happy that she must go there alone. Therefore, she blackmails Duncan to help her fake relationship for her family during the weekend. But really, he is more than happy to help her.

Plenty of sexy, dirty talk and scenes. Sometimes even on the edge. When they start, they don’t stop until fulfill their wild desire. At the same time it’s a lot of fun since a Kimbra’s family is hilarious and throws inappropriate topics regardless of the time and place. You may even want to visit the Amazon shop in search of some accessories. It’s rushed, it’s ridicules, it’s just for fun. And I totally love unconventional epilogue.

It’s fast, sexy reading and mystery writers even more turns up the situation. Dirty, dirty, dirty girls who hide herself under a pseudonym. I am curious what you will bring us further.

About The Author

jadeJade Sinner is two friends, two New York Times bestselling authors, and two chicks with a secret. We like to write sexy, dirty books—the kind of books that would make both of our mothers blush. Since we don’t want to see that across the Thanksgiving dinner table, we came together and created Jade.

If you have a secret too—if you like to read books that make you not only blush but flush—if you like quick reads, hot guys, naughty love stories, super-steamy sex scenes, and the promise of always having an HEA (Happily Ever After) then we have the books for you.
We won’t tell your secret if you don’t tell ours…

Then again, if you like our books and you don’t mind telling the world about our dirty little secret, by all means, please, share!
We promise to keep writing until we have enough to keep you and your friends busy with bookgasms late into the night!
You’re welcome!



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