New Release: My Sweet Villaintine

My Sweet Villaintine Book Cover My Sweet Villaintine
Skye Warren, T.M. Frazier, Callie Hart, Lili St. Germain, Shari Slade
February 2017

My Sweet Villaintine - a valentines collection of delicious darkness.

Happy f*cking Valentines Day.

That's what your favorite sexy-as-sin villain would say to you, right? And he'd probably say it with one hand around your throat and your dress bunched around your hips.

It’s doubtful that he’ll buy you flowers.

He definitely won't serenade you.

But there's a good chance he'll tie you up and spank you if you ask nicely. And the only jewelry you'll be getting? Is a pretty pearl necklace. Unless you count the rope bracelets he threads around your wrists when he straps you down and f*cks you until you forget your own name.

Leave the chocolates and the jewelry to the good guys. It's time to go dark side this Valentines Day.

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About The Authors

Lili St.Germain Skye Warren  Shari Slade  Callie Hart  T.M. Frazier


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