Book Review: Illicit Kisses by Kim Bailey

Illicit Kisses Book Cover Illicit Kisses
Here & Now #1.5
Kim Bailey
Erotic Romance
June 1st 2017
Juliana Cabrera of Jersey Girl & Co.

goodreadsLost in a past love, he never guessed his future lingered in not one kiss, but two.

Dylan McCoy had a goal: win-over love, do right by his son and take back control. He didn’t anticipate Chantal’s allure or expect Sean’s seduction. Two unexpected encounters. Two unpredictable people. Neither easy to forget. Both impossible to resist.

When pleasure for two turns to passion for three, Dylan is forced to examine his choices. Can he hold on to the past, a love that’s already gone, and a plan that’s already failed? Or should he change his goal, play a new game, and let two new lovers show him that even when he lets go, he’s still the one in charge?

This book contains graphic language and scenes that are sexually explicit. This includes M/M and M/M/F scenes. Recommended for readers 18+

My review

My review on Goodraeds

Kim Bailey gave us the beginning of an intriguing story that I would certainly like to continue.

“But that’s what happens when you love something, right? You do stupid things for it.”

We know the hero Dylan McCoy from the previous part, Complex Kisses and gently saying he wasn’t my favorite character. He’s Hunter’s father, still in love with his ex girlfriend, Jamie. Now he’s trying to fix mistakes and clean up his behavior. He does it for his son, but also a woman he can not forget and who already marries another.

When he meets appealing French, Chantal and hockey player, Sean, he would never expected where a new acquaintance would lead him and how much it would help to move on.

“You can’t change the way the world sees you. You can try, but people will only ever see the things they want to see.”

This story begins with the promise of more, because this novel will be developed into a full-length book. Those who like some menage with MM and MFM scenes is a definite item to read. There is not much eroticism and extensive descriptions, but those that are, are no less sensual and hot. Much emphasis is also placed on character development and the hero presentation in a better light.

“My love was a parasite. Temporary insanity. And I couldn’t be happier to be moving on.”

I can not wait for the full story and how it will develop. As you might guess, such triangles can give you a lot of turmoil and excitement, not just in bed.

This is for you if you like: short stories, menage, MM scenes, unconventional relationships.

About The Author

kim-baileyKim Bailey is a Canadian author. She’s a born procrastinator and sarcasm junkie. She gets her motivation from coffee, the fact that her teenage children haven’t disowned her, and the smile on her husband’s face when she tells him “maybe”.

When she was young and naïve, Kim dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker, and script writer. But when real life happened, she went to a job that actually paid her. Now she’s a customer support specialist by day and romance writer by night.

Writing is something she’s always done – she has about 20 million half-started story ideas. She may also be a slight exaggerator.

Kim promised herself to set her fears aside and make the dream real. She’s working on that, one day at a time.




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